About Us

Supporting modern classical composers to a worldwide audience. We release under the Classical genre only to all streaming platforms.

Peter Cavallo  Director/Owner

Peter has a deep passion for modern classical music and its place in this world. His determination to see beautiful modern classical music rise to a place of world wide appreciation shows in his enthusiasm to work with independent composers  around the world.

He has tirelessly promoted the modern classical genre by establishing playlists on some major music streaming platforms. Peter has also gained respect from composers around the world, film directors, music supervisors and music industry establishments. 

As a composer Peter has studied with Canadian Film Composer, Conductor and Orchestrator Alain Mayrand.  See his artist profile for more information about Peter's works.

"When I love something I hear, I want the world to hear it as well. This is the purpose behind Modern Classical X - to showcase composers that truly respect their art enough to make it beautiful, by letting scores breathe with real life performances."

 Peter Cavallo 

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