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Classical Music Distribution

  • What are you looking for in my demo?
    If you consider your music Classical or Classical Crossover then we'd love to hear from you. We like to hear demos through accessible, playable links*. Send us at least 1-4 tracks that accurately represent your music. These can be either already released, or unreleased tracks; that part is up to you. We will review your music and if we feel like it is a good fit, we will welcome you to be part of the MCX family, at which point you will be able to send actual submissions for distribution through the MCX label. Submit a demo today. *these can be any secure links: dropbox, drive, soundcloud, etc.
  • Do you accept playlist submissions?
    Our Label doesn't accept playlist submissions. If you become a MCX artist we will add you to the appropriate playlists. Alternatively, you can release through MCX distribution and submit to us when it is live for playlist consideration. You can register here.
  • What type of music are you looking for?
    Our main two genres are Classical which can be anything from traditional classical to modern classical and Classical Crossover which sort of blurs the line of traditonal and comtemporary classical music. Either way we'd love to hear your music. Submit a demo.
  • Can you tell me more about becoming an MCX Label Artist?
    Sure! We have a list of things that will help you to decide if you want to pursue a demo submission or do your own thing and release through our Distribution Service.
  • Do you accept songs with vocals?
    Yes, we are interested in anything that fits the Classical genre. Submit a demo today.
  • Can I use VST's (Virtual Software Instrument) in my music?
    We understand that not every indie musician has a full string section on hand or other instruments so VST's are handy to have, especially when writing classical music. The only issue we have is when they are used badly and therefore sound fake and make the track sound worse. We do prefer real instruments but understand if you need to use VST's to get your sound. We reserve the right to turn down any demo submitted that does not meet with our standards in regard to using VST's.
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