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Frequently asked questions

Do you accept other genres besides Classical?

Yes! We accept all genres happliy, it's just our main focus is promoting Classical independent composers. If you are into other music styles and would like to take advantage of Modern Classical X's great distribution service then go right ahead. Register now, it's free!

Do you support Albums or EP releases?

Yes! You can release a single, EP or Album in your artist account. Register now.

What does the X stand for?

It's a crossover symbol. So, basically it means we cross the boudaries of modern classical.

Can MCX master my track?

Yes! We do offer these services just contact us through the form.

Can MCX do my Artwork?

Yes! We have graphic design skills and can quickly work with you on a design that suits your music. Contact us for more details.

I own a label and want to transfer my catalogue to MCX

No problem. Please contact us via our form and explain your situation and size of your current catalogue and well setup a good deal for you and get you started right away.

I want to start my own music label, can you help?

Absolutely! Just sign up for an artist account and start releasing. We have unlimited artists for each account so just register to get started.

Do you support payment splits?

Not yet, but we have our developers working hard on it for JAN-FEB 21!

How do I transfer my tracks over to MCX?

Glad you asked! here's the guide.

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Business enquiries only. Any MCX Distribution issues please use our Helpdesk in your account.
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