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The Modern Classical X VEVO channel is set up to showcase all of our customers. The MCX Vevo channel will be a place where people all over the world can go and see your music videos. We will be promoting this channel far and wide and want to build it into a platform whereby you can reach a far greater audience. The best thing is it's FREE for you!


How to get involved:

  1. MCX Customers will have access to upload all their videos provided the release is through us. So if you have music with other distro's and you want to release the music video of that track on our channel, you will need to transfer the audio track to the MCX distribution first. Here's the guide to transfer tracks to MCX safely without loosing streams Transfer Guide

  2. Your video must have MCX logo at the front. It's a small animation that must proceed your video. You can download it here

  3. When you have your video ready to upload go to our Vevo page Here

  4.  When you are filling out the form you will need to add the MCX channel URL in the field Existing Vevo Channel URL.

  5. Put this MCX URL in that field (see screen shot below) -

  6. Fill all the required fields and submit the form.

  7. Your Video will be reviewed and if it's not suitable we will tell you why so you can fix up any issues.

  8. When your video is accepted it will be LIVE on the MCX channel within a couple of days.

  9. What you can do after that is promote your video on the MCX channel to your fan base.


We are always looking at more opportunities to help you reach more people so take advantage of all of these initiatives we are providing for you. Let's make this MCX VEVO channel the best and as far-reaching it can be for YOUR music!

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