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My Secret Sauce

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This book is packed full of steps you can take to increase your chances of success in the highly competitive world of online digital music streaming.

Using some of his own successful pieces of music and experience gained, Award winning Composer Peter Cavallo offers succinct and practical advice to anyone who creates music and wants to advance as a composer to increase their digital music listening audience. If you are a talented musician or composer and are focused on expanding your digital music listening audience then this book is a must read! 

Topics include:

  • Secret Sauce - My first time

  • The Music - The ones that made it

  • Music Knowledge - Is it important?

  • Recording - What is important

  • Promotion - Video, Social media & more

  • Record Labels - Partnerships

  • The Final Word 

  • ...and much more

An award winning Australian composer Peter Cavallo is a true storyteller, meticulously weaving emotion into his work in a way that effortlessly transports the listener into new realms. His music is a collection that moves delicately between that which is calming and that which is utterly breathtaking. In 2016 Peter was the Winner for Best Television Theme for the APRA/AMCOS Screen Music Awards for his work on the much acclaimed Nos Youm TV Series. The series for the Sabbah Media Corporation received critical acclaim as the best mini series for the Ramadan period for that year

His personal works have a beautiful sensitivity and wide range of emotional journey's to his listeners. Peter has maintained and even improved upon, consistently, a certain level of creativity and freedom to feel and to express. Sometimes with experience come rules or walls that confine and control the creation of art. Peter Cavallo moves in some other direction, always developing those skills musically, and always pushing to reach new creative realms of expression.