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  • Dedicated support team

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Shoshana Michel

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I have released several tracks with Modern Classical X distribution over the past year and have had only good experiences with them. I’ve found them to be very efficient and easy to work with. Their technical support team has always been friendly and very efficient and any problems or questions that I’ve had have been taken care of or answered within a day. I highly recommend MCX to anyone looking to distribute their music with a small company that cares about you and your music.


Peter Cavallo

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When I first started releasing my music, it was like navigating without a compass. Finding clues here and there. How to get my music out and then promote it and most importantly a safe and trustworthy place to handle my music. I couldn't find one, so I started Modern Classical X as a way to help composers find their feet. To feel appreciated and offer help finding their way as independents. Whatever your definition of success is we want to help you achieve that. 

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Matteo Fabbiani

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When I was looking for an online service to distribute my music I discovered that for ‘classical’ oriented contemporary music there were many limitations and compromises with the usual big names. I then discovered Modern Classical X, which felt way more oriented towards the music I do. Before, during and after the release of my first solo album (and then my first video on Vevo) I really felt that on the other side there are human beings ready to help and support, and not just computers and servers. Absolutely refreshing!

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  • Yes, we love classical music but if that's not your thing you can release in other genres once you register.

  • Classical, Classical Crossover & Opera genres supported for all streaming services

  • Music Licensing opportunities to further your music's ability to make money

  • Start your own label with unlimited artists per account

  • No lock in annual fees, no subscriptions. Pay once and plan your next release!

  • Withdraw your royalty money you've earned anytime & see your sales stats in your account today

  • One off low fee per release

    • $9.99 Single / EP / Album

  • Release Singles, EP's & Albums any time you want 

  • We have resources to help you with your promotion and can provide assistance for your releases

  • Collaborate with as many as you like without worrying about payment splits. We'll take care of that for you!