About Us

Supporting modern classical composers and promoting them to a worldwide audience. We release under the Classical, Modern Classical & Ambient genres only, to all streaming platforms.

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Modern Classical X

We have a deep appreciation for modern/traditional classical music and its place in this world. Our passion is to see beautiful modern classical music rise to a place of world wide appreciation. Our mission is  to partner with independent composers  around the world.

We have tirelessly promoted the modern classical genre by establishing playlists on some major music streaming platforms. We have also gained respect from composers around the world, film directors, music supervisors and music industry establishments. 

We also have our own music distribution service Modern Classical X Music Distribution.

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Created by award winning Australian composer Peter  Cavallo. His music is a collection that moves delicately between that which is calming and that which is utterly breathtaking. In 2016 Peter was the Winner for Best Television Theme for the APRA/AMCOS Screen Music Awards for his work on the much acclaimed Nos Youm TV Series. In 2019 he won Best Music for a Documentary 'Creation' by the Indie Film Awards, Tokyo. 

Peter's vision is for Modern Classical X to become a home and community for independent modern classical composers to be supported and support each other. "Sometimes with experience comes rules or walls that confine and control the creation of art. We want to move in other directions, always developing those skills musically, and always pushing to reach new creative realms of expression." Peter Cavallo

"When we love something we hear, we want the world to hear it as well. This is the purpose behind Modern Classical X - to showcase composers that truly respect their art enough to make it beautiful, by letting their music breathe with real life performances."