These musicians for hire have all been involved in the productions of our collective artists and we can highly recommend them as being both affordable and brilliant in their craft, all with remote recording setups. Please contact them directly through their websites and let us know how it goes.

If your a musician who can offer quality services to composers, please contact us to be included as a resource on this page.

Joni Fuller

violin - viola - cello - string section

Joni is a multi-instrumentalist with her own production setup. She can also arrange for strings. 

Who Knows Sound

violin, viola & cello

We make, shape and record any sounds accordingly to any requests on Violin/Viola and Cello. We consist of two musicians, who both hold distinctions in Masters Performance from a music college in London. 

Andrew Young

French Horn

His tone is rich and round, his performance smooth and his pitch is on point. The turnaround time is fast, too.

Francois Mathian

Violin & Viola

Francois can use two different acoustic violins with distinctive tones, and a viola, providing a full classical strings trio package.

For more electronic styles, two different 5-string violins are available  with a wide range of sounds, as well as an octave violin with a tone not dissimilar to amplified cello.

Vaughan Jones

violin - viola - full quartet

Vaughan is an exceptional classical violinist. He works with various studios in London. Full String Quartet Available.

Dustin McKinney


Dustin has played on many film sessions such as X-Men, Logan, etc. Principal Trumpet of the Golden State Pops Orchestra. He has his own home recording setup to deliver perfect tracks.

Ashley Jarmack

Wind Instruments

If you're looking for someone with a great home recording setup  and has a collection including flute, clarinet, oboe & saxophone to a seemingly endless array of ethnic winds, Ashley's got what you need.

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If you play an instrument and have a recording setup of a professional level, then contact us to add your name and services here. It's free!

Michelle Packman


Michelle is a wonderful musician who can handle anything you put in front of her, from Jazz to Classical. Great studio and quality recording.

Anthony Parnther


Flutes (piccolo to bass flute), oboes (oboe - bass oboe), clarinets (e-flat soprano to b-flat contrabass) , saxophones (soprano - bass), and a multitude of non standard instruments.

Justin Smith


Justin Smith is an LA-based guitarist in Los Angeles with over 20 years of experience as a recording artist and live performer. He has played everything from electric guitar, to banjo, to mandolin, to balalaika.

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